Classic Christmas Films at the Rivoli Theater

Rivoli Theater Presents: 2015 Christmas Film Series


The renovated Rivoli Theater's Christmas film series is a Cedarburg family favorite year after year! Enjoy classic holiday films on the big screen, and create memories that will last a lifetime. The Rivoli's great prices apply to even the Christmas Film Series - only $3.50 for all shows, all ages!
Tuesdays only $2!

Fri Dec 11       7:00     A Christmas Story

Sat. Dec 12     1:00     Samantha: American Girl Holiday

                            3:30     Polar Express

                            7:00     White Christmas (1954)

Sun. Dec. 13    1:00    Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

                            3:30    Elf

                            7:00    My Son, My Savior

                            8:30    My Son, My Savior

                                        (sponsored by Our Savior Lutheran Church)      

Mon. Dec. 14   7:00   Holiday Inn (1942)

Tue. Dec.  15    7:00   A Christmas Story

Wed. Dec. 16   7:00   Nat. Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Thur. Dec. 17   7:00   It’s a Wonderful Life

Fri.  Dec. 18      7:00   White Christmas

Sat. Dec. 19      1:00   Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

                             3:30   Scrooge (1970)

                             7:00   Elf

Sun. Dec. 20     1:00   It Happened on 5th Avenue

                             3:30   Polar Express

                             7:00   It’s a Wonderful Life

Mon. Dec. 21   1:00    Scrooge (1970)

                            3:30   Christmas in Connecticut

                            7:00   The Holiday (2006)

Tue.  Dec. 22    1:00   Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

                            3:30   Holiday Inn

                             7:00   A Christmas Story

Wed. Dec. 23   1:00   Polar Express

                             3:30   Elf

                            7:00   White Christmas




The historic Rivoli Theatre opened its doors on January 11, 1936.  The converted dry goods store (built in the late 1800s) now boasted a new art deco facade of black Carrara glass, plenty of chrome trim, an Electrolite Silhouette marquee, and sidewalk ticket booth. 

In recent years the theater was converted back to its original 1930s grandeur along Cedarburg’s main street. Visit for more information.