Holiday Decorations Around Cedarburg

Wonderful Things to See Around Cedarburg


In addition to all the wonderful things our merchants and non-profits do to make their storefronts and buildings beautiful, the City, Town and local organizations do a lot to make our community beautiful for the holidays!  Here are a few things we don't want you to miss when you visit Cedarburg:

  • Wreaths hanging from the lampposts, compliments of the City of Cedarburg.
  • Flower baskets on the lampposts overflowing with winter greenery, compliments of the Cedarburg Chamber of Commerce Tourism, Promotion & Development Committee.
  • Beautiful white lights outlining the historic buildings along Washington Avenue, part of the "Ceda-Lite" program sponsored by Festivals of Cedarburg. 
  • New Christmas tree on the City Hall Lawn, compliments of Festivals of Cedarburg and LaRosa Landscape Company.
  • Decorated Christmas tree on the Town Hall Lawn, compliments of the Town of Cedarburg.
  • The General Store Museum & Visitor Center, which houses the largest collection of antique packaging art in the Midwest. In October of 2004, the Chamber, along with the Cultural Center, the Landmarks Preservation Society and the Visitor Center operation purchased the Roger C. Christensen collection. The General Store Museum & Visitor Center is open weekdays from 10am-4pm and Saturdays from 10am to 1pm.  It will be closed between Christmas and New Year's - Visitor Center information can be picked up at the Stagecoach Inn or the Washington House Inn.
  • The last remaining covered bridge in Wisconsin, located three miles north of downtown on Covered Bridge Road. It's beautiful year round, but especially quaint when covered in snow!
  • Cedarburg is a restored mill town with several still in existence, many dating back to the 1860s. While you're strolling through Cedarburg take note of the Cedar Creek Settlement on Washington & Bridge and the Grist Mill (now home to Landmark Feed Seed & Supply, Silver Creek Brew Pub and Groth Design) on Columbia & Portland Avenue. Another site worth seeing is the Concord Mill on Green Bay Rd in Hamilton, about a mile southeast of downtown.